Fear This 2002 Ford F150 / Harley Davidson Super Crew Cab

1153.22 RWHP / 1038.79 RWTQ

Dynoing at Dynojet Las Vegas on a Dynojet Dynomometer.on May 10, 2013

This 2002 Ford F150 / Harley Davidson Super Crew Cab was Built for Mrs. VRI (Rachel Yee) by Voodoo Racing Innovations  
It Made this Power with NO NITROUS WHAT-SO-EVER!

Voodoo Racing Innovations Competition Long Block
Trick Flow R Heads
Voodoo Racing Innovations Turbo System
with Garrett GT4788 at 36psi
Voodoo Racing Innovations Built 4R100 Automatic Transmission with Circle D Converter
Caltracs Rear Suspension
Full Weight

Best ET with old Borg Warner Turbo (926RWHP on Boost, 21psi):10.72@130.49mph
Previous HP: 1105 rwhp / 996 rwtq with Nitrous/BW Turbo (Only on N2O to spool).



VooDoo Racing Innovations Video Vault

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